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Warrior love in the forest – Mhudi’s song


Let me see if you can love me
for if, it is a dream
wake me not,
rather you, my joy not killed
but if you are real
kill me a beast  

Love me in the forest
surely with the beast slain,
our universe,
we shall rebuild
in your hands, passions reside
ooh badimo, bless me a man that cooks  

Love in our universe
as the branches of your tree
your current refuge,
the city of Tholo shall rise
as the spirits destined
ooh badimo, let this be love at first sight  

Love me the warrior I am
in my independent soul
and well-trimmed hair,
not intimidate,
your shallow masculinity
ooh badimo, can I have his children   

May, 05, 2020
(Year of the Chinese Virus)   

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