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Reflection, by Angie Thato Chuma


by Angie Thato Chuma

Bleed child, that’s all you can do
Bleed the power he fails to see in himself
I know the knife he turns burns like slits of a self loathing queen

Revive his spirit in your screams, silence is too still for him
I know your eyes are suffocating with his face
The pain that feels like eternity to you

Just bleed, my daughter
I know he has cursed you with reminders
Like pillows left pinned

Cry it all out
I know it burns your cheeks
The wilting of your soul won’t last much longer

I wanted to soothe your wounds
With honey and lavender
Thinking maybe the pain will taste sweeter for a while

I carried you
In my heart knowing, the pieces he has taken
The pieces that can only be found
in the tears that wish to heal you

Bleed child, that’s all you can do
For blood, is said, to have saved humanity
A long time ago

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