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Masello’s sermon


Masello’s sermon!
to the children of darkness!
those who inherited abundantly in the sins AND  of their forbearers,
You are once more gathered here today;
At the riverbanks of your labor,
you came to reap the rewards from the sweat of your brow
and giving what you sucked from the marrow of your mother’s wisdom

you are leaving behind the light which you treasured against you fears
you are heading towards the hours of night
where the language is sacred and persisting to know the language;
tragedy can befall those who ignored wisdom

I urge you to understand that you carry evil with you
And it is the one you reflect in the twilight of night
Now go deep into the shadows of this time
Where the glories of your light subside
Sink below the earth of your gods
Find us the waters that springs from the golden flame
That which shall help to bring out the voice within

Oh! Don’t forget to treasure the evil you come across
It is the reflection of you
Learn to mould it, teach the evil the dance
Dance of the godly possessed
Stretch your heart and feel no pain of love and hate

For the hunters of the voice are not men and women of peace
They are captures, tortures and their fame is akin to death
From their ways they are unredeemable
Treading gently into that night
Does not promise life
So then you go rough into that night
Hope you dream well of us and life
Even beyond death

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