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BOOK RELEASE: The Eyes of the Naked, by Litha Hermanus


BOOK RELEASE: The Eyes of the Naked, by Litha Hermanus. Penguin Random House

Amid the chaos, he’d fled on foot from the crime scene. He ran under the cover of night, his escape aided by a series of broken street lamps. He’d come away with nothing save the clothes on his back – and now his son.

After becoming embroiled in a robbery, Nakedi Solomon flees to Mthatha, taking his boy with him – without his ex-wife’s knowledge.

But the Eastern Cape offers no refuge: his young brother has run away from home, possibly to a suspicious circumcision school.

Drawn into the hunt for his sibling while he evades the law, Nakedi will smash into his history, and the norms of society and culture, to ask: What does it mean to be a man? To be a father?

On this unexpected journey, a new consciousness awakens inside him.

ISBN 978-1-41521-007-9
Format Paperback
Recommended Price R270.00
Published January 2020

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