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BKO Poetry & Literature Mag: 2021 Line-up


BKO Poetry & Literature Magazine announces its 4 issue instalment for 2021. After a grueling 2020, we hope for a better 2021. This will be Volume 5 of BKO and the line up is as follows:

Vol 5 No 1 – CREDO MUTWA: Myth-making, ditshomo & African wisdom in Credo Mutwa’s writing
Vol 5 No 2 – BESSIE HEAD: Beautiful defiance of/in Bessie Head’s work
Vol 5 No 3 – DON MATTERA: Perennial words of Don Mattera
Vol 5 No 4 – THOMAS MOFOLO: The importance of Mofolo’s work a century later

We will announce a special issue of BKO in due course.

If you want to be involved in putting together any of these issues/edition, please do not hesitate to contact us – editor@bkomagazine.co.za.

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